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Date(s) - 02/18/2020
Time: - 5:15 pm - 8:15 pm

USA Martial Arts

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You are cordially invited to attend the USA Martial Arts Belt Test and Promotion. Students, family and friends invited to show support and school spirit.
There are No Regular Classes on Promotion/Test Night.

5:15 pm Arrival time for All LEADERSHIP Students and Ranks
*** Doors will be open at 5:15 No Earlier, Seating will be available after 5:15 pm ***
5:30 PM All Belts, All Ranks, All Ages Test Begins


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*Kickboxing students are encouraged to arrive 6:30 pm to begin your test immediately following Martial Arts Test.

* There are no regularly scheduled classes on Testing dates *

> Leadership students expected to host and assist with testing procedure to learn TKD culture.
> Photo opportunity following test if time permits

Typical Test Structure but may vary based on 8 week cycle requirements:
Line up, uniform inspection, bow in, Pledge, Oath, Tenets
Warm up, Fitness/Strength Test & Basics
Weapons (Leadership members)
Step Sparring & Self Defense
Sparring & Breaking
Promotion & Feedback

Cameras and lots of cheering are encouraged.

As a gesture of respect and discipline, students are encouraged to be at events 15 minutes in advance of stated time. Upper ranks are expected to come earlier and stay later. Students are graded on every aspect of behavior, appearance, manners and choices.

Reminder: Brown & up are required to test each cycle [no charge] to progress check and gain experience.

Fit Test: (For designated belts at discretion of Masters)
1 minute as many reps as possible (AMRAP) push ups
1 minute sit ups AMRAP
1 minute Kicks on target
1 minute Jab, cross, round alternating, L+R=1 rep (AMRAP)
1 minute punches on target (AMRAP)
(Standardized fit test is quality and full power driven with 30 push ups, 50 sit ups, 10 Warrior 17 & 18, 10 Jab-cross-round R+L=1 rep, and 10 Warrior 1-4 punches)

PARENTS: A respected study showed what college athletes wanted to hear from their parents and support team before they perform. 1. Have Fun 2. Do your best and “I love you.”
At the end you should say to your child: 1. Did you have have fun? 2. I’m proud of you. 3 “I love you!”

Trust us, we see the errors (probably many more than you). However, our job is to work on those. Your job is to cheer and encourage as parents. Together we reinforce the life skills, character and leadership that will help them succeed in life.

o Follow structure, proceedures and rules for safety and to demonstrate self discipline, respect for the art & academy .
o Neat, clean full uniforms only (tops required) at all events please.
o Be prepared with gear, weapons and so on.
o Be polite and introduce family and friends to others. You are a host.
o Encouraging to all students. This is a positive atmosphere.
o Check the ego and personality issues at the door.
o Hustle and make good use of small blocks of time.
o Be humble, teachable and never take yourself too seriously.
o Stay focused and safe at all times.
o Prepare gear, board and break in advance.
o Double check belt, uniform and equipment at home before departure.
o Make sure you do your reading and study so you’re prepared to answer about history, philosophy or technique.
o Be familiar with your promotional panel members.

Regular attendance + testing = Advancement to Black Belt ranks

Black Belt Success System
The USA Martial Arts curriculum is designed so that students test for promotion every other month in beginning ranks. Promotions take longer as ranks advance. It is designed for a dedicated color belt student to be promoted to Black Belt (serious student) in 3-6 years. The color belt rank system is much like grade school in that it is designed to teach a student fundamentals and structure to be teachable. Black Belt ranks are more like High School and Master Ranks are like University.

Belt rank is a readiness for a new level of responsibility. It is a renewed commitment to one’s teacher, school and goals.

The belt is a symbol that represents time and grade in the curriculum and progress towards graduation to the Black Belt ranks.

Each cycle USA Martial Arts conducts belt testing of students to challenge them mentally, physically and attitudinally. The tenets of modesty, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit are the foundation of each exam. Furthermore, demonstration of specific skills and knowledge of culture, history and fundamentals are required.

It is an opportunity to reflect on the past training, gain valuable feedback and plan for the future. Parents and guests are invited to join to witness the progress, encourage and be a part of the celebration of being selected to test for promotion.

Belts are a means of setting goals and achieving benchmarks that can assist in motivation. It also aids in matching students in tournament competition. The pursuit of the belt should not be emphasized over the progress in improving virtue, character and internalizing the tenets into daily life. This is why academics, good deportment and our honor code are emphasized. From respect at home, cheerfully doing chores, and community mindedness, the USA Martial Arts student is expected to integrate philosophy and life lessons into every day life.

Belts are also worn to remind us to live up to those ranks as examples to other students. Junior students then know whom to ask for assistance, and senior students can easily identify members to mentor.

It has become a common practice in the martial arts industry to promote all students, deserving or not. Some schools do not even have a test and simply issue ranks. Others have eliminated push ups, board breaking or anything deemed too difficult or potentially risky for business. Some do not even have any kind of contact. While we do not judge their methods, ours are quite different. We see these lessons and experiences as important tools for life.

USA Martial Arts proudly maintains international standards and documents each student’s progress. We hope you will come to appreciate these standards and higher expectations as they are in the student’s best interest. We’ve found these time tested elements of training help prepare students for a happy, healthy life – equipped to handle challenges with a positive attitude.

If a student does not pass the test, we work harder to see that they get the help they need to advance – no matter how long it takes. We do not lower the standards. Parents tell us that kind of commitment is rare these days.

Students tell us that, later in life, they look back on these events fondly. The pride they feel in knowing they truly earned authentic rank is a building block and reference point for inner-strength.

We encourage you to join us for this challenge and celebration. Bring friends, cameras and plan to celebrate by going out as a family afterwards. This sends a clear message that hard work pays off and that you support your martial artist and school.

Free admission for guests.

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