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Audiobooks is great if you have a long drive and you can hear your favorite book on your commute to work.  We all know rush hour is stressful but if you are enjoying a story it help a bit, right?

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Get “Me” Time Anytime With
“We all love when our kids get excited about books, but between running errands, doing chores
and scrubbing magic marker “art” off the walls, it can be tough to get excited about books for
ourselves (let alone find a quiet moment to actually sit down and read). believes that reading great books (or any books, really) makes a person happier, helps them
learn and makes them grow. And if we encourage our kids to read more, shouldn’t we do the same.” subscription you can take your favorite
books anywhere and get inspired, educated and entertained by books whether you’re
commuting, at the gym, doing dishes or on a weekend road trip with the family.
You can even instantly stream and download more than 100,000 incredible audiobooks to your smartphone, tablet or


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