Family Precautions Hot Arizona Summers

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Hot summer days precautions for families Phoenix Tucson and the southern ARizona

As we all know Phoenix temps get really high in the summer, so taking Family Precautions Hot Arizona Summers will prevent injuries or grave consequences on our health. If you are new to the Valley of the Sun please read on as some of these might be new to you.


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Family Precautions Hot Arizona Summers

Best way to prevent heat related injuries is to follow these precautions:

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Heat precautions in your backyard

  • Water from the hose can burn your skin!
    Let the water coming out of the hose run for a few minutes before spraying kids or pets. And wait before filling up pools.
  • Some recommend letting sprinklers run for a few before letting kids play in them.
  • Wear shoes on pavers as these get blistering hot.

Family Precautions Hot Arizona Summers

Family Precautions Hot Arizona Summers

Heat precautions when outdoors

  • Drink a lot of water even if you don’t feel thirsty. Make sure your kids drink a lot of water even if they’re in the pool all day. They can still get dehydrated in the heat.
  • Wear a hat or in other words try to get your kids to keep one on! LoL
  • Try to stay under the shade of a tree or structure if you would be outside for a while.
  • Wear shoes to go outside even if it’s in your own backyard as cement and pavers can get burning hot and cause you serious pain – it will burn the soles of your feet. Pavers can get over 120° or more in the hottest time of the day.
  • Please keep this in mind as it also applies to dogs! Gets too hot for them to walk on it too. If you take them for a walk get them shoes like these.

Heat safety in your vehicle

  • Don’t leave kids or pets in the car even with windows open! It’s a death trap. Not even for a few minutes as temperatures inside the vehicle get 20 degrees hotter than outdoor temperatures!

Family Precautions Hot Arizona Summers


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